I have always had a passion for photography, and can remember as a kid taking my mother's kodak compact 35mm and taking the odd photo, which we would then have to have processed. One was never quite sure what the result would be until the photo's had been printed! (the digital revolution has certainly made photography quicker, easier and cheaper!!) 

In 2005, with some time on my hands, I decided to start writing a book on South African lighthouses, and to take the pictures to be used in the book myself. With very limited funds,I bought a Kodak compact, and so started my photographic journey. 

In the last ten years, my equipment has grown and been upgraded, but as all photographers know, there is always a new, much improved model on the market, and depending on your budget, a wide choice of equipment on offer. Since the Kodak, I have only used Canon products, not for any other reason than that was what I could afford (2nd hand)  at the time. I am currently shooting with two DSLR's, the Canon 700D and the Canon 70D, which I am very happy with.

Over the last ten years, most of my photography has been for myself, and doing the odd function and wedding when asked by close friends and family. This year I decided it was time to take a step up and start doing my photography on a more serious note, and to this end I have started selling my images, and I am now available to do corporate functions, weddings etc.Stock images of a variety of subjects will also be available for purchase.

This website is currently under development and should be fully operational by the end of August 2016. Please feel free to send me feedback, both positive and negative, as this will help me make the right decisions going forward.

Enjoy the images as much as I have enjoyed photographing them. Some are once in a lifetime images , while others are everyday scenes that we probably don't even notice even although they are right in front of us! Loook forward to your comments and to doing business with you!

Gavin du Plessis - July 2016